time to grow things!!

Mufasa once said something like, “Everything that the light touches is yours. Except that shadowy place. [Insert transition scene] When we die, our bodies become food for the grass, and the grass becomes food for the wildebeest, and the wildebeest become food for us. You see, Simba, we are all part of the Great Circle of Life [insert inspiring Elton John chorus].”

I’m not one hundred percent sure what that has to do with me putting seeds in jiffy pots, but it feels connected, somehow. We’re six weeks away from the last frost date in NC, and that means


time to start tomatoes from seed! woo hoo! I went on a crazy shopping spree over at Annie’s Heirloom Seeds, and added some packets to my collection. I picked up some black krim and some caspian pink tomatoes, and i decided to go for the sugar baby watermelon this year! HIGH FIVE, MOFO! I saw a picture on the internet of some watermelons in slings and I just got drool-y jealous, and I thought, why, there’s absolutely no reason I should be prevented from doing so, and so I added the $2 seed packet to my cart. I’ve also decided to grow some eggplant and some amish beans, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love the amish? (Except for power companies and advertising companies)


Anyway, usually my excitement comes all in a rush, and I couldn’t wait for my seeds to get here before I started some of my other pots. So i started without them.

Last year, I ran into the unfortunate problem of having not one freakin clue what was in my jiffy pots until they started bearing fruit, because I bypassed the part where you LABEL YOUR POTS, and instead opted for the Trusting The Ol’ Noggin Strategy. Needless to say, the Ol’ Noggin is more like a leaky cauldron than an airtight Nasa Rocket Ship, and I promptly forgot what was in the pots.

that simile sucked.

THIS TIME, though, I devised an ingenious strategy of making little flag labels out of toothpicks and clear tape. I was foiled, however, on my search for toothpicks. The kitchen, you see, is filled with cupcakes and brownies and chocolate chip cookies, and my search for toothpicks was quickly replaced by the need to choose between those three delicious goodies. Obviously I opted for chocolate chip cookie, and then I was forced to retreat from the kitchen, lest I gain twenty pounds in my attempt to create ingenious flag labels.

Instead, I opted for the push pin strategy, where each pot gets a push pin, and each color or colors of push pins corresponds to a particular plant.


And so, mix one part potting soil from the shed, one part jiffy pot from home depot, lots of parts water, and two parts Canon point and shoot, and you get the following:










Here’s a little secret: germinating seeds don’t need any light. So shut off your grow lamp until the little green seeds pop their heads up. And make sure your pots are wet. Seeds like water and dirt. 


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