all the new things!

I recently turned 27. It sorta sucked a little bit. If you haven’t done it yet, I strongly advise you to go ahead and not do it. You basically leave your mid twenties, land of the free and irresponsible, and enter your late twenties, where you become a real adult and your mother starts nagging you about not making enough money. And so does that little voice inside your head. Anyways.

To celebrate this entry into adulthood, Evan and I are about to buy a house! Yippee yaay yeehaww!!!! I am so super duper completely totally excited! I haven’t been this excited about anything since I met Evan! It’s at least twice the size of our current tiny little one bedroom apartment. It has a huge kitchen with a giant serving bar/island thing and we won’t ever run into each other in the kitchen, and it has a big yard with a fence for Puppy, and it has THREE WHOLE BEDROOMS and TWO WHOLE BATHS and all these trees! And a two tier deck in the back! OMG ITS SO AMAAAAAAZIIIIIIIIIING. Okay we haven’t closed yet, we close in 11 days, but I think it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen. Unless our loan gets rejected. But It’s Totally Going To Happen. I Think. Fingers Crossed.

ahh so cute! even cuter on the inside!

Also, we are going on House Hunters? How did that happen?

And then, let’s see. Evan and I bought a scale, and we weighed ourselves for the first time in years. It was not good. It was also not good for Puppy, who is a little fatty and weighs 10.5 pounds. Yeah. Teacup Yorkie my¬†ass. “It’s all muscle,” he says. Pffffft.

Furniture is so expensive. I hate it. I am never, ever, ever, going to buy new furniture. Ever.


Even though it’s not New Years, I have two new goals in life. One: get good at cleaning. Two: become the scrabble master.

1) is difficult. I always told my mom she was silly for cleaning all the time, and that she was wasting all this time when she could be watching tv shows with me, and she’d just get mad at me. Now I understand. Her floors were clean enough to eat off of. I’m nervous to walk on mine in bare feet. She never let the dog on the couches, and they were in pristine condition. Our dog, however, is up and down, and he tracks so much dirt and dog things onto them that they’re disgusting. She cleaned our bathroom every week with a gallon of vinegar and bleach. She was so freakin’ GOOD AT IT. So, I too, want to be good at it. I’m going to get good at it. I will.

2) Scrabble master — i’m on my way, peeps, on my way.