my poor abandoned little blog

Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to make a little comeback.

I know what you’re thinking.

Popular demand? Other people read this blog? <confusion>

OKAY, OKAY, OKAY. So there hasn’t been any “popular demand”…a couple people have wondered aloud at it’s death, but the internet remains largely unfazed by MmmmTasty’s nationwide exit. So, the truth behind why I brought the blog back?…..I took some cool pictures and wanted to post them somewhere.


this is what my blog has been doing:

This happened about a month ago:

Evan made rain barrels like a boss


And then all my radishes grew up into real plants

And I harvested some and ate some, and they were delicious

So they weren’t actually that delicious by themselves — they were a little spicier than anticipated. But the spice and the crunch go really well in a mango/tomato/radish salsa, and so I made some cod cakes with the salsa and spinach, and THOSE were delicious

Then, Evan took a picture of Napoleon loving me:

and we ran in this terrible race:

and then my plants grew up:

here we have artichokes, tomato, and basil, all at around 10 weeks old.



One thought on “my poor abandoned little blog

  1. Thank god you brought it back! And what did you make with the other plants? Any more neighbor sightings with a weedwhacker? Also, what about the boozy wedding you went to? Any more photos of Evan sweating in the heat?

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